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A testament to resilience: The Fetal Institute celebrates its third annual Fetal Reunion

Attendees to The Fetal Reunion 2024

On March 9, 2024, The Fetal Institute proudly held its annual Fetal Reunion 2024. This heartwarming event brought together former patients and their families along with Dr. Ruben Quintero and Dr. Eftichia Kontopoulos, founders of The Fetal Institute.

This year marked the third successful collaboration with the Brianna Marie Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides resources, assistance, and advocacy for families navigating the complexities of adverse fetal diagnoses.

“It’s a moment of profound gratitude for the care we provided and the incredible trust our patients and their families placed on us to help them with their complicated pregnancy,” said Dr. Kontopoulos about the significance of the event. “Every miracle baby we see is proof of the collaborative effort between our team and the unwavering determination of these families.”

“The Fetal Institute Reunion is a celebration of life, love, and the extraordinary achievements made possible through advanced fetal medicine, collective care and support.”

“This is our opportunity to meet our patients and their families again, after the pregnancy that brought them to us, and to get to know their babies whom we only knew once as fetuses. It is also a time to reflect upon our limitations and remember those
babies whom we couldn’t help,” added Dr. Quintero. “It is a mighty stimulus for us to
continue to develop new and better ways to help babies before birth.”

On behalf of The Fetal Institute, we extend our sincere appreciation to the Brianna Marie Foundation and all supporters for their invaluable contributions to the success of The Fetal Institute Reunion 2024. With your help, we continue to bring awareness about fetal conditions and fetal therapy.

Check out all the photos from this year’s reunion:

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